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Dedicated to everything related to Hana Yori Dango, but mostly biased to the cast members of the TW, JP, and KR dramas, with some manga, anime, C-drama, and making fun of the BBF U.S. remake thrown in too. (And none for MGII bye.)

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One of my favorite scenes in the movie. At least, the one I remember the most.


Ting dong ting dong
new classmate, why don’t you answer me?


okay sorry Goo Jun-Pyo but after this I ship Jan Di and Ji Hoo <3

omg omg <3 aaaaw *O*


R.I.P Liam’s wig hair


Boys Over Flowers, episode 36: “Tsukasa’s Mother’s Secret Plan”


Handsome Kim Bum <3

You can’t just take photos like that and not expect me to do something


CanCam 2014.04

Boys Before Friends


That’s the name of the American Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango) remake. I randomly remembered it today and looked it up to see when it was coming out only to find out that it has six episodes (7 if you count the bonus). I’ve no idea how many it’s supposed to have total. All I know is…

Guys. This is terrible. The main girl changes in the second episode randomly, which is kind of okay ‘cause this new girl is slightly better and looks younger than the other did, but she’s a dancer instead of a swimmer like the Korean version or just a scholarship student like in the original story. The writing is kind of crap and things were inexplicably changed around and the acting, THE ACTING! 

It’s pretty terrible. A train wreck, really. Main guy is pretty good looking, and he’s got slightly better acting than a lot of the others, but that’s really  not saying much, and the writing is so terrible that he could be amazing and there’d be no saving it. 

I can’t look away though. I keep wanting to see how much worse it can get, and every time I think it’s hit a new low, it eventually proves I am once again overestimating it. 

I’m about 2/3 through episode 3. We’ll see if how much farther I can get.